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Frequently Asked Questions

What if Mr. Magico has an emergency and can't make it?

We get so many calls from Birthday Moms at the last minute when a magician they booked can’t make it because they got sick or had a family emergency. That is why it is GREAT to have Mr. Magico for your special event because we have more than one Mr. Magico and we always have at least one and sometimes more on standby for those last minute calls. We will always accommodate our customers whenever possible!

Can we serve food and drinks during the show?

We HIGHLY recommend NOT to serve any food or drinks during the show. You should plan on serving food and drinks either before or after the show. The show is very interactive and we need everyone free from distractions to be able to participate in the show.

Can you entertain our children in one room while the adults are in another room?

We require that ALL the children be supervised at all times by at least one responsible adult (other than Mr. Magico).

Do you bring your own equipment?

We only need is an electrical outlet and we bring our own sound equipment and tables.

When is a good time to have your show begin?

It is best to have the show begin a minimum of 15 minutes after the party begins but a half hour is better. This prevents any distractions from late arriving guests. Our recommendation is that the party be set up in this order; first the food, then the magic show, then the cake. Of course this depends on other circumstance but we can start the show at anytime as long as the audience is there.

Is tipping necessary?

NO, tipping is not necessary, although it is customary in the entertainment industry. We do appreciate anything extra and unlike other entertainers who drive limited distances, we tend to travel much further and pay more tolls and gas. Please do not feel obligated in any way.

How much space do you need?

No worries about space as that is never an issue. In over twenty five years of performing we have squeezed into the smallest of spaces. Generally, in a home, we set up in the living room in front of a TV. If we can have our back against the wall and the children can sit up front nice and close. When we get to the party we can make a recommendation if needed.

Is the show clean and appropriate?

YES! The show is squeaky clean. The show is designed with the family in mind. There will be no inappropriate language or offensive humor. Every show is uniquely customized for the ages of the audience members – ages 2 to 92!

Which Mr. Magico will be at my event?

It all depends on availability and scheduling and which package was selected. All of our Mr. Magicos are very professional. No worries as you will receive a high quality show no matter.

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