Magician For Holy Communion Party

Magician For Holy Communion Party

Looking For A Magician For Your Child’s First Holy Communion Party?

Are you planning your child’s first communion party and want to show your son or daughter a great time? Mr. Magico offers special communion magic show packages to help make your child’s first Holy Communion a day to remember. Mr. Magico’s show is fun, family friendly, and interactive. The best magician for your very special event by far!

This special one hour package includes Matt’s 30 minute interactive comedy magic show. This fun show is designed for all ages. Your young guests will be amused and amazed along with the adults. Several volunteers are selected to help during the show, and the entire audience is always involved as a group. Of course the Communion boy or girl can be the special helper in the show.

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Seven and eight year old kids love magic. This is the age where they are really curious about magic. The would also love to learn magic at this age. Of course the magician Mr. Magico will completely customize the magic show for all the ages that are present at the party. We always like to get the communion child’s siblings involved in the magic show as well. Make sure to let the magician know when he arrives if the communion child has any brothers or sisters who may want to assist in the magic show.

Always a good choice to plan properly for the timing of the magic show to start. It is important to consider extra time because sometimes the church gets a little delay and you might want to feed the kids first if time allows. Kids are more attentive when they have food in their belly and beside that it really stinks when people are walking in late to the party. We don’t want any of the kids to miss any part of the show. So do you need a magician for holy communion party? You better believe it!

The Star Of The Magic Show!

Yes, the communion child will be the star of the show. We always give extra special attention to the guest of honor. After all, it is their special day. They will come up and wear the magic hat and hold the magic wand. We get all the kids to yell out the magic words abracadabra and hocus pocus. This way all the kids at the party feel like they are helping to make the magic happen. We also like to get a couple of adults involved in the magic show as well. A little comedy magic mind reading is  wonderful thing to entertain the adults that are present. It is a magic show for ages 2-92!

Holy Communion season is the busiest time of year for magicians. It is very important that you book way ahead of time if possible. This will avoid conflicting date, times and disappointment for all, especially the communion child.

So call us now at 1-800-269-1106 24 hrs a day and leave a message with the date, time and location.

We look forward to providing a magician who will put on a wonderful magic show to help make your child’s communion party extra special and unforgettable!

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