Looking For A Magician in NYC?

Looking For A Magician in NYC?


Are you looking for magician in NYC? Abracadabra and Hocus Pocus From sleight of hand tricks to levitating audience volunteers, adding music and mystique is a great combination that will help create the illusion and entertainment you so deserve. Many of our Mr Magico Magicians have some incredible tricks up their sleeves. Best of all, they come in a variety of styles suitable for any age. You will be amazed by our list of Magicians in the New York City, NY area. We even have magicians on Long Island which includes Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Mr. Magico has the best magicians in NYC.

The Famous David Copperfield

This is the place where David Copperfield who is the most famous magician in NYC and he was born in Metuchen, NJ. His parents would travel across the Hudson River to Manhattan where he would visit Tannen’s magic shop on Broadway. This is the magical place where he dreamed of one day becoming a big stage magician and TV magician. He even dreamed of making the statue of liberty disappear!

Harry Houdini Loved Being A Magician In NYC

Another famous magician and escape artist was Harry Houdini who would often visit NYC and put on his wonderful magic shows. It was while he was practicing to be a magician in NYC that he made an elephant disappear and where he challenged the NYC Police department to lock him up in a cell where he would escape in just minutes.
When visiting Times Square there is also a great magic shop called Fantasma Magic Shop. This a place where you can bring that young child of yours who has an interest in magic. Looking to buy some simple easy to do magic tricks?  Some of are very easy to do and some require practice with sleight of hand. A great way to reward your child who has been doing good in his regular school. Magic is something that keeps kids entertained.  It also helps keep them out of trouble and helps build self esteem.

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