Magician In Manhattan Beach Ca

Magician In Manhattan Beach Ca

Tonight We Performed A Mr. Magico Show as a Magician in Manhattan Beach, California on New Years Eve!

We just performed a wonderful magic show for a NY’s Eve event in Manhattan Beach, CA. It was a family show with children and adults. The kids were very well behaved and that is not always the case. The parents more or less wanted to socialize. When they heard the kids yelling out the magic words Abracadabra, they just had  come and watch. There was one kid who was especially interest in magic. He told us he had his own magic set that he received for Christmas. You just had to see how happy he was when we offered to teach a magic trick to all the kids at the end of the show. They were amazed and amused. All the kids got to practice the simple magic trick we taught them.

Kids Love Learning Magic

If you are a parent then you know the value of teaching your child something they will love to do and will help build their self esteem. Magic is just one of those things that keep kids busy. When they show one of their friends a magic trick and fool them completely, they will be real excited. Learning magic also helps to build motor skills. It is also a good way to keep kids from playing on Mom or Dad’s cell phone all the time.


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