Summer Reading Program 2019 “A Universe Of Stories”

Summer Reading Program 2019 “A Universe Of Stories”

Summer Reading Program 2019 “A Universe Of Stories”

The Summer Reading Program theme for 2019 is  “A Universe Of Stories”. Mr. Magico is all ready to provide a magic show that is out of this world. It is a magic show that combines entertainment and motivation  children to read. Many children’s Librarians love to have a show that entertains the kids and gets them to check out books after they have this wonderful program. The show features magic, comedy, music, and plenty of audience participation.

Facts , Fun And Magic!

In addition to all the fun, Mr Magico presents facts which teach the kids about the solar system, The Apollo missions that lead to the first man walking on the moon. Imagine how Neil Armstrong felt when he took his first step on the moon. What is that big red hot ball in the sky? Magic clues and legerdemain and jaw dropping sleight of hand all while teaching the kids cool fun facts about our universe. The summer readers will be sitting on the edge of their seats and at the end of the show they will blast off to the front desk to check out books about Space travel and more. The summer reading program 2019 promises to be one of the best in recent years. It is and educational show and wonderful learning program.

Librarians Want The Best!

Children’s Librarians everywhere will have such enthusiasm to bring this program to their library. Call us at 1-800-269-1106 to book one of our wonderful shows. There are limited dates in the summer as this is our busiest time of the year for library and summer camp shows. We can only fit in so many programs in the two months of scheduling. You can also visit our website that we have just for libraries at Here is where you can learn more about the “Out Of This World Magic Show”. You can also fill out our online form with the date that you are interested in. Don’t wait long as many librarians have us year after year and always book us way in advance.

We look forward to coming to your library and providing a wonderful interactive and educational magic show that is “Out Of This World!”

“One small step for a children’s Librarian, one great leap for your summer reading program”
~ Mr Magico

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