Who is the Real Mr. Magico?

The REAL Mr. Magico is John Monte who is a Brooklyn native who performed during the1960’s until the early 1980’s. He performed at thousands of children’s birthday parties, schools, libraries and special events.

He was the most well known family entertainer during that time and the busiest as well. His show was different from all the other magicians because he had a show that evolved over the years into a master piece.

No one in the business had the perfect formula that Mr. Magico created. It was really quite simple as he once told magicians during a lecture. 1. You have to look the part. 2. You have to have a high energy show. 3. You must have a strong opening, jaw dropping closing and every magic trick in between has to be colorful, interactive, fun and amazing!

Mr. Magico Passes the Torch…

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and one day I was at a flea market and saw a magician perform a magic trick where he made a dollar bill float in the air. I was amazed and I wanted to learn it.

The cost of the trick was two dollars which was all I had, but if I bought the trick I would not have a dollar to make float in the air. Mr. Magico just started laughing when he realized I only had two dollars. He had the funniest laugh in Bensonhurst! Well he just laughed and laughed and then gave me one dollar back so I can do the trick. I went home and practiced all night long and the next day I fooled all my friends and I was hooked on Magic. Thank you Mr. Magico!

Not long after buying and learning new magic tricks, Mr. Magico saw how good I was so he asked me if I would like to demonstrate magic tricks at his magic shop and boy was I thrilled. My payment was more magic tricks. I am so glad that he was willing to give up his secrets so I could fool and entertain my friends. It was so cool that I could do something my friends couldn’t do!

John Monte and I became very good friends and he trained me to do his exact same show and started sending me out because he was so overbooked and just could not handle the overflow since there were only a certain amount of shows you can do on any given weekend. With his help and just duplicating exactly what he did, I soon became one of the most sought after family and children’s entertainers in the five boroughs of New York City.

After my good friend John Monte passed away I took on the name Mr. Magico. So in his honor that is who I am today!

Mr. Magico is Every Where!

We have Mr. Magicos all over the country!

They are specially selected and trained to do the same high quality shows with with the same or similar magic tricks and routines that have worked flawlessly over twenty five years of performing for children’s birthday parties and family events. Every show is uniquely customized to make your next special event extra special and unforgettable!

We schedule our Mr. Magico’s geographically to ensure that you will have a magician that will show up on time and create a successful party without any stress on your part. We are dedicated to providing you only the best in children’s entertainment which is our specialty!

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